South Dakota Stats of Lims

Various South Dakota Statutes of Limitations

Contract: 6 years, (SDCL 15-2-13).

Domestic Judgments: 20 Years, (SDCL 15-2-6).

Foreign Judgments: 10 Years, (SDCL 15-2-8).

Claims of Fraud: 6 Years, (SDCL 15-2-13).

Sealed Instrument: (except real estate): 20 Years, (SDCL 15-2-6).

Actions not otherwise provided for: 10 Years, (SDCL 15-2-8).

Open Accounts: 6 Years, (SDCL 15-2-13).


An “open account” is usually what a charge or credit card is considered. Remember that the statute of limitations does not start “running” on the date the debt is incurred (in the case of credit card debt) but on the date the debt is defaulted on. It is a clock that only ticks after a “wrong” has occurred. Then you are given that amount of time to file suit. The statue of limitations does not apply to the time a lawsuit takes to develop, but only refers to how much time you have before you have to file suit or lose your rights.