Real Talk about Debt Lawyers

We appreciate most debt lawyers. Many of them are dedicated to the well-being of people being harassed or sued by debt collectors, and most of them can, if they know the law, increase your chances of beating the debt collectors. However, almost all of them are too expensive for a lot of people, and some of them really do not know the law.

The main problem facing debt lawyers, however, is simple economics. The debt buyers and collectors are able to do things on a large scale, and this includes attending several hearings at the same time. If you have a pretrial conference, for example, you go there and wait for the judge, participate in the conference, and drive back to the office. If you can set five hearings at about the same time, you nullify the waiting and driving time and do things for one-fifth the price. Defense lawyers can’t often do that, but it is routine for the debt collection lawyers.

And debt collection lawyers, who specialize in debt collection, have all the documents saved on their computers so that paralegals can make the necessary changes to individualize them. Debt defendant lawyers, because they must wait for individual clients, usually don’t have this advantage, so they create new documents every time – at great expense.

The economics change when you represent yourself, especially if you use a service like ours. In that case, you can attend the hearings yourself at modest cost and create your own documents using our models. It is somewhat more trouble than hiring a lawyer, and there will be moments of anxiety, but if you can handle those, you make it more expensive for the debt collectors to chase you than to let you go. And that’s the first step in winning.

The second step, of course, is to do the things you need to do in order to win.

If you think you’d do better on your own, we can help.