No Magic – Sometimes a Rain Dance is Just a Dance Part 1


Sometimes a Rain Dance is Just a Dance – – and it Rains (Pt. 1)

Have you seen some of those sites by people who have been sued by debt collectors? They start out saying something like “I was sued by a debt collector and won. Let me show you how I did it…”

Everybody’s an expert. And capitalizing on a person who is being harassed by debt collectors’ natural distrust and dislike of lawyers, this new expert is going to show you a way to defeat the debt collectors. Just like he or she did. You’ll learn from someone just like you – someone you can trust.

There is a problem.

As you know if you have spent much time on my site, sometimes debt collectors drop lawsuits simply because you file an answer. Sometimes a debt collector will stop harassing you because you seek verification of the debt. Sometimes they’ll drop a suit because you request discovery – sometimes they’ll drop the suit because you show up the first day. Sometimes they don’t even show up. I hear stories like that all the time. And for you, as a defendant who has been harassed by a debt collector, the relief is wonderful.

But it doesn’t make you an expert. It makes you “lucky.”


I put “lucky” in quotation marks because in almost all the scenarios above, you had to take some action to trigger the dismissal by the debt collector. Just by taking some action – good or bad, right or wrong – you are, as they say, putting yourself “on the side of the angels” – you’re helping to make your own luck. And if you get lucky and win you deserve it, in my opinion.

But there are right things and wrong things you could do at every stage of a lawsuit. If you do the right thing, your chances of winning go up. If you filed something that wasn’t the right thing but still happened to win, for every 100 people who follow in your footsteps, 98 of them will lose and wonder why. And the reason is, that without understanding the debt collectors and debt law, anything you do is just a dance – it happened to rain for that guy in Texas that one time, but it still wasn’t a rain dance. You do that dance and you’re going to get burned.

That make sense? The more you know, the better the chance you will do the right things that make it more likely the debt collectors will walk away or that you will still win even if they do not walk away. This is where YourLegalLegUp, with a long history of helping a lot of people in widely different situations win a lot of cases brings something to the table most sites do not. The value of experience, practice and knowledge.

In the next part of this article we will look at the steps of litigation – how each one presents you an opportunity to get lucky – and the better you do them, the more likely you are to get lucky. Sometimes a Rain Dance is Just a Dance (Pt. 2)