Gotta Go Gold

Introducing Debt Litigation Memberships

The solution to the advantages debt collectors have when they bring suit against people who can’t afford lawyers.

Since you’re here, you probably already know that although most debt collectors begin litigation against consumers without the evidence they need – or even any idea whether that evidence might exist – they file suit and usually win. This is because most people don’t fight back, of course. But even if you do fight back you start with some obstacles that make the whole process more difficult for you than the debt collectors.

The Institutional Advantages of the Debt Collectors are:

  • familiarity with the cases and law
  • the ability to handle them in “bulk;”
  • associations with other lawyers for moral and physical support and information; and
  • document banks of files that can be easily changed to apply to your case.

You have some advantages, too, though. The case means more to you than it does to the debt collector, and so it makes sense for you to work harder than they do. And if you do defend yourself (with a little help), you will likely expose the weaknesses of their case – namely that they lack the evidence (which in many cases does not exist at all) they need to prove their case against you. And even if the evidence can be found, your fighting back will probably make the case too expensive for the debt collectors to want to keep chasing you. Thus they very often will drop the case and walk away from you.

Our new memberships are designed to help you neutralize the advantages of the debt collector while exploiting your advantages with less trouble, annoyance, and anxiety.

How Membership Neutralizes the Advantages of the Debt Collectors

The advantage of familiarity is largely a factor of experience and so cannot be directly neutralized, but to offset that lack of experience, the memberships provide greater access to articles and videos, to the staff at Your Legal Leg Up, to member forums and to other members. where members can trade stories about their cases (and the companies suing them – often identical, always similar). The sense of solidarity can break down the sense of isolation that so many of my customers and clients have related to me.

Plus, we have made our document banks available to members so that they can use them as samples or even choose from a collection of possible arguments and cut and paste some of the documents they need to prepare. Of course this won’t completely nullify the debt collectors’ time advantage. In the very early stages of the debt litigation the debt collectors will still be handling your case on a “bulk” case basis, but as the case moves to the discovery phase, the time advantage will shift to you because, as I have often pointed out, lawyers are always “on the clock,” and if they have to spend significant time on your case it rapidly becomes unprofitable.

You will still spend more time on your case than they do – because they don’t really care whether they win or not – they know most people will just give up. You have to care, though, because it’s your money they have in their sights. The amounts aren’t large or significant to the debt collectors (no matter how much they’re suing you for), but they obviously can make a big difference to you. Debt collection lawyers typically charge at least $200 per hour of time. How long would you work for $200? We’ll help you work smarter, too.

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