Debt Collector Dirty Tricks

A Bestiary of Debt Collector Dirty Tricks

Debt Collectors will do anything to get your money, and we have collected a large group of their more common tricks together into a “bestiary.”

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About Us and Our Mission

You have probably reached us because of a Youtube video we presented or some other social media outreach. And you probably know we have largely focused our efforts on people being sued for debt. (If you are being sued, now, for debt and want to defend yourself pro se, you should join us as a litigation member.)

What we hear, time after time, are variations on “I wish I’d heard about you, I did ______ that hurt my rights.” Or, often enough, they don’t realize that they DID hurt their rights. So our efforts have been to reach out to people BEFORE they get sued. And before they hurt their rights. That’s what our new Debt Guard memberships are about – we want to give people an opportunity to see information that will help them identify some of the dirty tricks out there. But more importantly, we want to give you the support and information you need to make the efforts necessary to protect your rights.

Who is a Debt Collector

For our current purposes of identifying scams and protecting you from them, it doesn’t matter whether the person contacting you is some sort of a legitimate operator or a hoodlum in a basement in Russia. They’re going to tell you they’re calling on a debt, and they’re going to be sure you owe it. They won’t tell you they’re hoodlums – and even the legitimate debt collectors are not that far from being hoodlums. It’s a tough business, and the companies always walk right up to the line of legality, giving themselves the benefit of every doubt.

And they frequently step over the line – even the “legitimate” ones.

For five bucks a month, we’ll give you the information and support you need to protect your rights.  If you need it, we’ll suggest and help you get a prepaid legal program that could save you the cost of a lawyer if you get sued. Or if you get sued, you’ll know where to turn for help in pro se defense.

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