Coaching and Training Others

Coaching and Training


We believe that debt collection is a social justice issue, with tens of thousands of people getting ripped off by debt collectors every year. It’s hard to find a good lawyer, and just as hard to be able to afford one. Our materials are designed to help, but people can always use a little more help.

That may be where you come in.

There are many people who have used our materials and learned a little bit about the litigation process. You’ve been around a little bit, and while you might not be able to give a rookie advice, you could help them understand how to use our materials – you could be there with them to offer resources and suggestions. We all know that having another person involved makes a huge difference in the results we get, and it is true of debt defense as much as anything else. There’s power in having a person with some experience looking at what we’re doing, and offering feedback and guidance.

And there’s a lot of satisfaction in being that person helping someone else out of a tight spot.


We have a training program that will help you become a coach. If you have been through the process and used or are familiar with our products and want to help others, please contact us at We’ll show you how you can use our affiliate program and coaching guidance to help others and make money doing it. We’ll throw in some special perks, too, both to help you get better and to be able to offer more to your cients.

Help Others Improve their Lives

Again, if you think this is something you might like to do – to use your experience and knowledge to beat the debt collectors and help other people, and to make money doing it, then contact us at We’ll give you special training and resources so you can really help other people.

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