Overview of Debt Litigation

The new 20:20 project –

New Year, New Kind of Membership

There are three videos in this series. Together, they describe the debt litigation process and almost everything you will encounter as you go through it. We have products for every situation, but these videos are more about the process than our products. Below the videos you will see more about a new product that brings all of our other materials together. If you prefer what we have previously offered, those things will still be available.

Part One

The debt and debt litigation industry.

Part 2

Debt Defense and why it can be so difficult

Part 3

Why Pro se works and how you can do it.

Here is the 20-20 Membership

We are introducing two new types of membership, the 20-20 and 20-20 plus. Right now, the difference is just how long they last, but it is likely that there will be some special content or materials for 2020+ before too long.

If you have watched the videos above, you know why we’re offering these products and why I think they’re a great deal. I will outline the new memberships briefly below.

First and mainly, the 20-20 membership will be a “pay-once” program. For a flat price you will receive all membership benefits for 12 months. This should get you all the way through to the end of any litigation you are involved in now. You won’t buy anything else from us or be charged again. Here’s what the 20-20 membership includes:

Teleconferences – currently we have them twice per week. Depending on need, that number could increase so that people regularly have an opportunity to ask questions in real time.

Access to member-only materials, including what used to be called the document bank. This gives you access to materials that have been created for a variety of different real-life situations as well as a large number of articles addressing the situations most debt litigants encounter. In other words, the 20-20 is a full membership, and you get everything members ever get.

Free access to all of our products. You won’t have to buy anything anymore. If you need a motion to compel pack, for example, you can download it for free. And that’s true of all of our materials that are currently for sale.

Specifically, that includes the Debt Defense Litigation Manual, the Three Weaknesses Almost every Debt Collector Has and how to Use them, materials on assignment contracts (not yet, but soon, a product), the Legal Research and Analysis report, and much more.

You can check the prices, but you’ll find that, added up, these materials and benefits would cost at least $1,000, so this is by far the lowest price we’ve ever offered. The 20-20 (regular) will cost $250 for 12 months, and the 20-20+ will cost $300 for 18 months. This membership should be available for sale as soon as December 27, and the prices will stay good through February 15.

Click here for a more detailed description and comparison of these new memberships to the other memberships.

Teleconferences – What to Do

How and What to Do

In order to take advantage of one of the best features of membership with Your Legal Leg Up

Teleconferences with Your Legal Leg Up are a unique opportunity for members facing lawsuits or dealing with legal issues to bring these issues to an experienced litigator and other members with real knowledge of the issues involved for opinions and guidance.

In this video we discuss how to ask your questions and what to say during the teleconferences.

As you know, if you’ve sought information from lawyers or court clerks, people are very hesitant to offer
you their opinions on legal issues.  We can’t give you legal advice either. But we can help you understand what you are facing and point you towards resources that will help you find what you need – easily. You might call it, guided legal education.

You will also get great encouragement from others who are, or have been, in similar positions and can tell you what they did in situations like yours.

For ordinary people who just want to know what the bad guys are saying or just need a suggestion on what the next step in their case should be, the teleconferences can be a godsend.

We want you on there. It comes with membership at Your Legal Leg Up.

If you are a member, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this incredible value, which will help you, at least twice a week, get answers to your actual questions in real time.

When you call in, you can announce yourself immediately, or wait for a lull in the conversation. Normally, we’ll hear you get on and ask if you have questions, but sometimes it gets so busy that doesn’t happen. We still want you to speak up, though, and you will get chances to ask your questions. You’ll see.

Please do not give us your last name on the call, nor should you reveal anything that is confidential.

If you have a question based on your own situation – which of course you will – put it in a hypothetical.
That is, put it this way: “if a person thinks she might owe the money, and the debt collector is trying to
get her to admit it, what should she do?”

We don’t want you to reveal specific information about you or your situation, and we cannot tell you
what to do in any specific situation. We can, however, discuss general situations that may arise – or may have already arisen – in your case. You can ask what a debt collector might be up to if they ask… whatever the question is in discovery.

Or you can ask whether a motion to dismiss might be appropriate in certain circumstances. Or whether
as person might have a counterclaim if… Or what sorts of things are counterclaims.

In other words, we want you to keep the questions generic so that you are not admitting or revealing
anything specific about your own case, and so that you aren’t asking for legal advice. But you can get
what you need by asking your question carefully.

Our only other rules have to do with manners – Please remember there are others with questions
(but most questions apply to other people, so we try to give you plenty of room to maneuver). Try to make sure you don’t have too much noise going on in the background. That can distract everybody. Other than that, we want to hear your opinions and questions, and you will find that people on the calls are extremely helpful and encouraging. It will make this whole thing much easier for you in many ways.

Most of our members say that the teleconferences are the best part of membership. Please don’t
let it go to waste. Sign up for membership and call in. We’ll send you an email announcing the times of the teleconferences.

Just for Lawyers

For Lawyers

Hi and welcome to Your Legal Leg Up.

We have a lot of information that we hope will be helpful to you and your clients, and we encourage you to look around. We hope this site will be a resource to you and your clients. We also hope you will refer people who cannot afford your services, but who are being sued by debt collectors or original creditors on unpaid debts, to our site for information. We obviously cannot guarantee results, but you might be surprised at how often people representing themselves pro se win with our help.


If you have interest in arranging for mutual referrals, please let us know at info@YourLegalLegUp.com. It is our goal to find competent, aggressive lawyers for people who need them, and sometimes we encounter people who want to hire a lawyer rather than represent themselves.

Paralegal Services

If you represent debt defendants, or if you want to represent debt defendants, we can offer a lot of help in addition to Membership. Specifically, if you need research or writing done on a specific case, we can do that at an hourly charge. We’re sure you’ll find the work satisfactory, but if you’d like to see specific samples, let us know. The work will be done at a very high professional level, and you will normally be able to submit work we’ve done directly to the court with few, if any, additions.