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If you’re being sued by a debt collector, you need information about your options, and we can help. Please sign up here for a series of emails regarding the actions you can take, what your chances are, and whether and how we might help you.     Name: Email: We respect your email privacy Powered […]

Library of Glossary Videos

Library of Glossary Videos The videos on this page are part of our glossary and our efforts to make the public more aware of it. You will find a brief description of the videos and a link to the page on which they occur. Click here for the Glossary. Glossary: Introduction Video Glossary: Assignment Glossary: […]

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Debt Law and Motions for Summary Judgment Get a copy of this article in PDF format: Sometimes the Best Defense is a Good Offense article If you’re being sued for debt, your case is going to head for a show-down on a couple of main issues. These will probably involve some billing records or some […]

Accept for Value

Magic Words that Solve every Financial or Debt Problem? Don’t Buy it. Get a copy of this article in PDF form here: A4V article PL 73-10 Acceptance for Value You may have heard of one of the magic-word fads going around lately, the “Accept for Value” response to bills. As you will see, it supposedly […]

Why Defend Yourself from Debt Collectors

Why you Should Defend against Debt Collectors, and Why you Can Do it Yourself Get a copy of this article in PDF format by clicking here: why defend yourself When you are sued by a debt collector, you are presented with two questions that often merge into one because of money. Should you defend yourself […]