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Default During the Time of Corona Virus

It is not yet clear whether the courts are now accepting new cases for filing in debt collection or not, but some people are contacting me with cases they have recently received. Are some law firms have cases previously filed served? Are service processors just finding people home now? Or are people just finding cases […]

Debt Defense in 20-20 Vision

Introducing the 20-20 Memberships We are introducing two new types of membership, the 20-20 and 20-20 plus. Right now, the difference is just how long they last, but it is likely that there will be some special content or materials for 2020+ before too long. If you have watched the videos at the Overview of […]

What Makes Something “Evidence” in Debt Cases?

What Makes Something Evidence For a free copy of this article in PDF format, click here: what makes it evidence This article is a brief but important discussion about “evidence,” what it is, how it works, and what to do about it. I get a lot of questions about “striking” documents at various times in […]

Is Pro Se Debt Defense Hard?

Is Pro Se Debt Defense Hard? For a free copy of this article in pdf format, click here: is pro se defense hard How hard is it to defend yourself from the debt collectors? You would think that wouldn’t be a very difficult question to answer, given that the business is largely automated and conducted […]