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Class Warfare in America

There’s a myth in America that people can move up in life more here than anywhere else. It is also widely believed that because of this social mobility there isn’t a conflict between the classes. In recent times, those myths are coming a little bit under fire. Partly we can thank the Democratic Socialists for […]

California Debt Law

California State-Specific Materials This will be a long-term project, as we begin to write more articles that will address issues that arise in specific states. We will eventually have member-only material catalogued here for greater convenience. California-specific Articles and Videos Bill of Particulars in California, Part 1 A powerful weapon in fighting debt collectors in […]

Oklahoma Law on Debt Collection

Oklahoma Debt Law This will eventually be an article on small claims courts in Oklahoma. Small claims courts are a frequent bane to debt defendants because they apply loose rules (of evidence and civil procedure) designed for pro se, unsophisticated parties disputing small amounts of money. Debt collectors, however, have discovered that these lax rules […]

Debt Collector Dirty Tricks

A Bestiary of Debt Collector Dirty Tricks Debt Collectors will do anything to get your money, and we have collected a large group of their more common tricks together into a “bestiary.” Sign up below for more information, and we’ll send you the Bestiary of Debt Collector Dirty Tricks for free. About Us and Our […]

A Question of Burden – General versus Affirmative Defenses

“General” versus “Affirmative” Defenses Many debt defendants love the idea of affirmative defenses – they just sound stronger, don’t they? But in the law, they are specific things, and they are not better than general defenses. They’re just different. If you have an affirmative defense, that’s fine, and you probably wouldn’t want to ignore it. […]