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Fast Track to Victory over Debt Collectors

Fast Track to Beating the Debt Collectors Debt collection is a very big business in the U.S., with debt collectors feeding like vultures on the hardships of people having debt problems. They don’t care about you, they don’t care whether you owe or whether the amount they want is unfair – they only care about […]

Our Drive for 10,000 Members

Your Legal Leg Up has always taken a pragmatic approach to debt defense: they sue on a huge scale and take a factory approach – and our job is to help you slip through the cracks of their system. To do this, you have to understand the law a little bit and do some right […]

Gold Litigation Membership

What Gold Membership Is, What it Costs We talked generally about memberships in Introducing Memberships. That article gave a little of the history of this site and why we currently offer and emphasize memberships. To repeat, briefly, what we said there, the law firms and companies specializing in debt collection have certain advantages over pro […]

Follow-up 7A to People being Sued for Debt

I often say that the trick to beating the debt collectors is “defending intelligently.” You have to know a few things and do a few things right. If you do, you’ll probably win. So what, exactly, do I mean by defending intelligently? What do you have to do? It’s simple. You have to find out […]

Follow-up 5A to People being Sued

Yesterday I ended with something that may have surprised you – or you may possibly even have thought it was wrong to do, somehow. That is, I was talking about how the expense of your defense might eventually make the debt collector go away all by itself. And that is true. But is it wrong […]