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The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Debt Law and Motions for Summary Judgment If you’re being sued for debt, your case is going to head for a show-down on a couple of main issues. These will probably involve some billing records or some record-keepers wanting to testify. And these are primarily “legal” issues – that is, the facts may be clear […]

Accept for Value

Accept for value – magic words that solve every financial problem? PL 73-10 You may have heard of one of the magic-word fads that’s going around, the “Accept for Value” response to bills. As you will see, it involves certain very specific formulae to accomplish something that seems to anyone applying common sense to be […]

Sued for Debt

So You’re Being Sued for Debt You have learned, one way or another, that you are being sued for a debt. If so, you are in a club containing many millions of people, but you probably feel all alone. What do you do? And how do you do it? Where do you turn, and who […]

Class Warfare in America

There’s a myth in America that people can move up in life more here than anywhere else. It is also widely believed that because of this social mobility there isn’t a conflict between the classes. In recent times, those myths are coming a little bit under fire. Partly we can thank the Democratic Socialists for […]

California Debt Law

California State-Specific Materials This will be a long-term project, as we begin to write more articles that will address issues that arise in specific states. We will eventually have member-only material catalogued here for greater convenience. California-specific Articles and Videos Bill of Particulars in California, Part 1 A powerful weapon in fighting debt collectors in […]