Adversarial Systems

Winning in Debt Litigation – Play the Game for Keeps

Most of us spend most of our time in various sorts of cooperation. We help each other, or at least we try to do what is morally right. In litigation, however, the system is not cooperative and not hierachical. Instead, it is adversary. Litigation is an adversarial system – that means you put aside all the questions about why you’re playing and try to win. If sports, the saying is that “the best team or person wins.” The legal system is designed the same way – the idea is that in a generally fair contest the best case will win. That means you fight hard.

And if you win, you deserve the victory. It helps to be fired up a little bit – then you can do the things that will eventually make you unstoppable. If you are having any trouble getting motivated, you should also look at Debt Collection is a Social Justice Issue.