Time by the Hour – Research and Analysis

Do you have a motion to write or defend? We can prepare a legal memorandum giving you relevant cases from your jurisdiction that thoroughly analyses the issues and outlines some of the choices you would need to make as you put the document into final form. This will provide you intensive legal education, some of the best arguments you might make, and relevant case law to back up your points. Do not purchase this product without discussing it with me before you do. This product is “on approval” only.

We will need to do this on an “estimate” basis. You tell us what needs to be done, forward the appropriate documents, and we give you an estimate of how much time the project will take, in hours. You pay for those hours up front. Cannot guarantee victory, of course, simply the strongest arguments available.You will take the memorandum, make your own judgments, and put the motion or response together in your own way. This service is available to members onlyDo not purchase this product without discussing it with me before you do. This product is “on approval” only because we want to make sure that you both understand the limitations of what we do (cannot give you legal advice) and can work with what we can give you – analysis, writing, and education.

We recommend this option only if you really need significant help and cannot work out the issues yourself. That is for three reasons. First, the price at $40 per hour, even when carefully controlled to give you maximum value, adds up quickly, and people join this site as a way of controlling their costs. Second, we cannot give you legal advice, and so you are still going to have to apply the materials to your specific questions yourself – although we can tailor the materials to be quite helpful to you. But the most important reason is the third: that the nature of litigation is that it involves challenges and issues that can come up on short notice, and an important goal of this site is to prepare you to understand those issues and meet challenges by yourself when they arise. If you lean to much on our expertise you are hurting your ability to do that in the long run.

On the other hand, there are times when it makes sense. For those occasions, we can help.

$50.00 per hour for members.