Your Legal Leg Up™ Online Catalog of Debt Litigation Products

The products at YourLegalLegUp are designed either for almost everyone (the Litigation Bundle and membership packages) or more specific situations (Motions Packs, Reports, etc.). As you choose the products you need, please be aware that litigation - even debt litigation - can be complicated, so we have many products. They do not, in general, duplicate each other. Click here for a fuller explanation for why we created the products the way we did.

Facing a Debt Collection Lawsuit? Your Legal Leg Up™ Products Can Help You Win! Our products are designed to help you understand the debt collection and litigation processes and your rights when facing both. These educational materials cover a variety of topics to meet your needs and empower you  make informed choices when facing debt collectors and lawsuits.

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$12.95 - $125.00


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