Your Legal Leg Up™ Product Categories


Facing a Debt Collection Lawsuit? Your Legal Leg Up™ Products Can Help You Win! Our educational materials cover a variety of topics to meet your needs and empower you  make informed choices when facing debt collectors and lawsuits. The categories of products are listed and linked below, but I believe a little guidance may be helpful. 

Our “foundational” product is the Litigation Bundle – the Manual and Forms. This is the product designed to give you the “overview” of the whole process and to guide you so that you are not merely reacting to what the debt collectors are doing but can begin to “call some of the shots” by taking the initiative in the suit. If you are not fully familiar with the debt litigation area, you should seriously consider getting this product. If there is only one product you are going to get, it should be this one.

The Gold Membership is designed to work with the Litigation Bundle, but it does not replace it. What I have learned in my years of helping people work with these materials is that although you can figure out everything you need to learn if you get only the Litigation Bundle, most people can save a lot of time and effort if they get the membership, too. It gives you access to many more materials and types of help. Click here for an explanation of why you should get the membership.

The other products in this catalog are more “situational.” That is, you may or may not ever need them, depending on what the debt collectors are doing. Click here for a full explanation of why the products are divided into categories as they are.

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