Pennsylvania Silver Bullet Pack

What if you could beat the debt collectors with a single set of motions…

                                                            ….Now you can.



There’s a new tool for your toolkit – if you live in Pennsylvania, this might be the best one yet.

If you have read many of my materials, you know I’m not a great believer in the “silver bullet” theory of defense. There’s really no one-size-fits-all solution to any litigation. And not to debt litigation, either. Most of the people offering you easy-outs are really just after your money in my opinion. So why am I so keen on the Pennsylvania Silver Bullet Pack?

This product will be best for you if you are being sued by a debt buyer who has filed suit without including both a complete set of affidavits accounting for all ownership of the debt and either comprehensive pleadings or documents accounting for every cent of the money it is seeking from you.

This product will be good for you if you are being sued in Pennsylvania state courts by any entity that fails to include either comprehensive pleadings or documents showing every cent you supposedly owe.

This product will be helpful to you if you are being sued on an “account stated” claim regardless of who is bringing the suit.

And that is because Pennsylvania law requires very specific and particular pleading on credit card accounts and has particular requirements for stating an account stated. And debt collectors rarely comply with the law.

This product will show you how to bring “Preliminary Objections,” which are the procedural tool you will need to defeat their case and get it kicked out. It will help you stick to your guns and get the case dismissed with prejudice. It includes

  • An article describing the basis for what you will be doing:
  • A Sample Petition to make sure yours is of the same sort:
  • A Sample Set of Preliminary Objections (in PDF and Open Office Format);
  • A Memorandum in Support of Your Preliminary Objections (in PDF and Open Office Format);
  • A court opinion you can use as support.
You’ll file this before you even answer the petition, and with some work and a little luck, you will be able to make the whole thing go away.