Why You Will Probably Win -

Even if You Would Lose If You Went All the Way to Court

You can drive away the debt collectors even if you might not be able to win your lawsuit against them if it actually went all the way to trial. Play your cards right, and they won't want you to go to trial. It's just too expensive for them to do it and make money.

Here's why you have a great chance to win and an even better chance to drive the debt collector away before trial.

It's all in the way the debt collectors do business.

They buy up huge “portfolios” of debt-- debt that people like you have stopped paying on - if they ever even owed it in the first place. They buy up all this debt, but they almost get the evidence they would need to win a lawsuit before they file suit. They do not know whether the evidence exists when they file, and it costs money for them to find out if they do. Since most people don't fight back, the debt collectors are basically designed to chase people who give up. If you fight, it costs them more money to chase you than it's worth.

If you fight a lot, they're likely to let the case go and chase people who won't fight back - even if they could possibly get the materials and win the suit against you. The Debt Defense System will show you how.

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