Your Legal Leg Up Products

Our main service/product is the Debt Defense System. It gives you everything you need to beat the debt collectors if they sue you. It comes in three levels of membership which offer slightly different features. The Gold level membership allows you to participate in teleconferences and gives access to member-only articles and videos, the document bank, free access to our video e-courses, our extremely popular report, "Three Weaknesses Almost All Debt Collectors Have," and certain other materials. The Platinum and Diamond memberships offer some important additional benefits and services.

We also offer many other products in this catalog, from our Trial Handbook and Research Guide to products designed for specific situations such as motions or specific state laws. Most people will want to get one of the levels of the Debt Defense System, which includes most of the situational materials for free.

Motion packs provide information on when and how to file or respond to  various kinds of motions during the course of a debt lawsuit. They will help you win the specific battle you're facing.

Motions packs do not, however, replace the products that are designed to help you conduct your defense (or offense) in general. If you are facing a motion for summary judgment, for example, you must win that battle to stay in the game, and that does require immediate and focused attention. If you are not thoroughly familiar with debt litigation, you should strongly consider getting the Litigation Bundle and a membership also. If all you do is fight off one motion at a time, you will always be reacting to the other side and letting them call the shots. That is very comfortable for the debt collectors, as it allows them to control the costs and direction of the lawsuit. The general materials are designed to help you take control of the case back and drive the debt collectors away.

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