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Our main service/product is the Debt Defense System. It gives you everything you need to beat the debt collectors if they sue you. It comes in three levels of membership which offer slightly different features. The Gold level membership allows you to participate in teleconferences and gives access to member-only articles and videos, the document bank, free access to our video e-courses, our extremely popular report, "Three Weaknesses Almost All Debt Collectors Have," and certain other materials. The Platinum and Diamond memberships offer some important additional benefits and services.

We also offer many other products in this catalog, from our Trial Handbook and Research Guide to products designed for specific situations such as motions or specific state laws. Most people will want to get one of the levels of the Debt Defense System, which includes most of the situational materials for free.

 memberships.jpgYour Legal Leg Up Memberships

We have drastically simplified our membership options. They were designed to work with the Debt Defense System, which links the best materials on the website with the materials in the manuals and give you the best value and the most comprehensive resources for those who are
 being sued for debt, negotiating with debt collectors, or repairing their credit. But you can now get the one-month renewing membership without purchasing the Debt Defense System. There is a required Initiation fee of $50, and you will receive with that the Orientation to the Debt Life-Cycle Report, valued at $69.00 for free with that. It will help guide you through the membership materials so that you can get the best value out of them.

Members receive:

  • Access to our special, ever-increasing member-only article and video library;
  • our document bank of battle-tested forms, pleadings, letters, notices... the works; 
  • VIP access by email to our knowledgeable staff;
  • free weekly teleconferences
  • free emails and newsletters, and
  • members-only homepage.

Select our renewing monthly membership, which automatically renews every month unless you cancelRenewing memberships may be canceled at any time.

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