Prepaid Legal Services for People with Debt

If you are facing debt collectors and creditors and either want to join a debt relief plan or think the collectors may sue you, you might want to find a lawyer to help you prepare - either before suit is filed or after. Here is information about a program designed specifically with people like you in mind. This is the second article and video in this series. The first is at  Prepaid Legal Services - Are they Right for You? Please sign up below to receive the rest of this series.


This is the first of a collection of articles and videos addressing the issue of getting a lawyer, and particularly getting a prepaid legal service. If you'd like more information on this, please sign up below.
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Check out our Guide to Legal Research and Analysis for a guide to researching and laws and cases in the most effective way. But legal research is more about what you do with what you find, and so this is a primer on legal thinking and analysis as well.

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