"You can change your life. Start with protecting what's yours from the debt collectors, repair your credit, and then take control of things so that you never have problems with debt collectors again."

I'm Ken Gibert, and I've been helping people beat debt collectors in and out of court for many years. I practiced law in St. Louis for fifteen years, focusing on the rights and defenses of people being sued by debt collectors for the last five, before starting this website. I started this site in 2007 because I discovered that ordinary people can defend themselves from debt collectors.

The many victories of people using our materials shows how right I was. The law in this area is not real complicated, and there is no need to give up if you get sued. In fact, there is every reason to expect to win.

Our Litigation materials give you everything you need to beat debt collectors in court, and our Debt Master materials help you negotiate with creditors and debt collectors, understand and repair your credit report, and take charge of your money and life for good. 

 - Ken Gibert      
Your Legal Leg Up

Don't Give Up! You can beat debt collectors without a lawyer.

If you are being sued by a debt collector you do have a chance to defend yourself and beat debt collectors even without a lawyer. In fact, your chance of winning is so good that the debt collectors probably wouldn't make money if most people didn't give up. Don't give up--defend yourself and protect what's yours. The videosarticles, and products--will help regardless of what court you're being sued in or who is suing you.

Let us help you take control with the materials that can help you transform your life.

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"I purchased your program and approve of it. It is well done if you're looking for a step by step procedure and documents to file for a defense. You cannot win with an attorney because the cost would be prohibitive but you can do it yourself with some study. Jurisdictionary does not do as well as the explanation in Your Legal Leg Up's paperwork. Thanks."
       immafreemann (Youtube name)  

" Mr Ken is help from God for me. I came across with such a great person whose products are not for such a high price but most of all his help and sincerity is marvelous. I won my case because of Ken's products,suggestions and his availability for people like me who are in desperate need and don't know where to go. I won my case. It gave me so courage that i am ready to fight the rest of BSitters"
                       Maria - Illinois

"I was presented with a lawsuit for $2000 from a creditor with a court date. After seeing your material, I contacted the court and told them I was defending against the case. When I showed up for court today, the clerk informed me that the plaintiff requested that the case be dismissed without prejudice. Thank you so much for your help!"
      wokeupscreamin  (Youtube name)

Knowledge Applied Is Power

Ken, Just a quick email to say THANK YOU for your well-written manual! I was scared to death when I got a summons and Complaint served on me by a debt collection attorney in Nov. I did exactly what you said, though, and basically let them know I wasn't going away. The key, I believe, was in the Interrogatories (I used the exact same ones in your manual). The wouldn't answer them, even after my motion to compel. So I filed a Motion to Dismiss, and that was pretty much it. The attorney folded like a cheap suit, and I have to say it almost felt better than sex!

Thanks again! --Gary



 "On so many levels, I want to say thank you for your education packet, because I had zero clue of where to even beginAfter I filed my answer with affirmative defense and counter claim,  I received an offer for dismissal with prejudice and Cap One sent a letter to all 4 bureau agencies to delete the entire account. 

Now, I am happy because you were right, we scared the pants off them on so many levels. If I had the time and energy (and money) to take them to court, I would win this case hands down. You were right about their assessment of the cost it would take them to they decided to cut and run.

Again, I would have never, ever done this without your help and support."

-Meriem from Indiana

"Today I received an offer of 'Stipulation For Dismissal With Prejudice,' which basically states the Plaintiff will dismiss their Complaint if I dismiss my counterclaim. Your litigation materials were clear, vital and necessary tools for me to win.

Your materials are simply the best and finest of its type anywhere for pro se defendants facing debt lawsuits!"

-Frank from Arizona

Welcome to Your Legal Leg Up.

You'll find more and better information here on Negotiating with Debt Collectors, Defending yourself against them in court, and repairing your credit than anywhere else on the web. 


Most people who come to this site are either having some sort of debt troubles – bills are piling up and they're worried about the trouble that might cause them, or they're already being sued. We can help either way. If you will click on one of the two following links it will give you a shortcut to the materials that will help you.

Already being sued by an original creditor or debt collector and know you want to defend pro se? Click here! It will take you to our Debt Litigation Materials and our Self-defense system.

Being sued and need help figuring out what to do? Click here to learn about our personalized evaluation.

Debt Collectors trying to get you to pay? or Trying to repair your credit? Click here if you are trying to regain control of your budget, your credit report and your life and want to know how to:

  • Make the debt collectors leave you alone;
  • Repair your Credit, and
  • Retake control of your spending.

Don't Let the Debt Collectors Get You Down


Please feel free to visit our articles and videos, and  

Click here for our free "Seven Step" Program to help keep you out of trouble, or - -

If you are being sued, click here for "Developing Uncommon Sense in Debt Defense" - an ecourse on some basics of debt defense.



You can fight the debt collectors and win! You have legal rights. We're here to help.

Are You Being Threatened with Foreclosure? - click here for free material on how the FDCPA May Apply to Foreclosure.


With a little help...

You can stand up and reclaim your financial security.

We've designed this site and the materials to help you defend yourself wherever you are in the debt collections cycle, whether you're being harassed by collectors, sued by a debt collector or original creditor, or if you want to sue a debt collector who has illegally harassed you. Go to Finding Your Way Through Debt Litigation. If you have defaulted on a debt lawsuit, go to Overcoming Default When You're Sued for Debt. Facing a Motion for Summary Judgment? Go here or here.>

If you...

...Are afraid you might get sued and want to know your rights,

...Are new to this and are worried about whether you can defend yourself,

...Have just been served a summons and need to know how to Answer the Petition,

...Are in default,

...Think you might really owe the money,

...Are worried someone will garnish your wages or Social Security Check,

...Don't understand a legal term,

...Have wondered if you could beat debt collectors without a lawyer,

  ...Are looking for FREE information--free articles or free videos for research to get you started, or

...Want to bring suit against the debt collector

We can help.

If You Are Already Being Sued


       If you are already being sued, you probably should not delay. You need to take immediate action to protect yourself NOW. You can beat them - it's mostly a question of knowing what you need to do and doing that thing throughout the lawsuit, while at the same time not doing the things you should not do, until you either make them go away or win at trial. It sounds simple, and it is – if you know what you’re doing.  You can know those things with the Debt Defense System. That will give you what you need to do all the right things while avoiding the wrong ones. 

     Click here for more information on the Debt Defense System and why our membership is vital to your chance of success. 

          Do you know whether you are being sued by a "debt collector?" - Click here to find out.

If You Are Not Already Being Sued

     If you are not already being sued, and want to try to negotiate with the debt collectors or creditors to clear up your credit report or make sure they do not sue you, you may want to try negotiating.

     Debt negotiation pretty generally follows the same pattern whoever's system you use. It normally starts with some sort of withholding of payments, for a very basic reason: the other party needs to see some advantage in negotiating, and if they're already always getting the money they want and expect, what's their incentive to negotiate? Most of the withholding that has been going on has been forced by lack of money (this happens when you make partial payments but can't pay the whole thing, so you don't). If you want to negotiate, you will need to be more intentional about it - and you'll want to save some money so that you eventually can pay a decent "lump sum."

     This means that most people stop making payments. You need to understand the costs and risks of doing that. Click here to read more on this subject.

     Not all negotiation and settlement happens in court. It IS possible to contact many creditors and debt collectors to work things out without a law suit. But - whether there is a lawsuit or not, all negotiations occur "within the shadow of the law." That is, in order for you to negotiate effectively, you need to know what their rights are, and what your rights are, in the law. You need to do the right things, say the right things, and be prepared for whatever they do.

     What can they do to you if you do not settle? And what can you do to them? Knowing the answers to these questions helps you handle the fear and uncertainty that haunts so many people as they try to get a grip on their financial lives. You can find the answers you need in the Debt Negotiation Manual.

     And after you find the answers that lie behind the debts, you still need to know what to say and how to say it. You'll find plenty of help with that, too. You see, it makes a large difference who you're talking to and where in the debt collection process you are. We do not offer empty formulas, but rather solid understanding of what they are after, what you might want or get... and a few suggestions about how to say things so you'll get them.

     Click here for more information on the Debt Negotiation System.


Should You Represent Yourself in Debt Law? 

Although hiring a lawyer might be the "gold standard" of defense, lawyers are always expensive. If you're being sued by a debt collector and can't afford a lawyer, all is not lost. You CAN represent yourself. This is not complicated law, debt collectors are not innovative or particularly energetic, and the debt collection system is a "factory" approach not designed to work against people who defend themselves intelligently. You can do it. Click here to read more.




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If You Are Repairing Your Credit

     Whether you've been sued or not, credit problems are usually a result of debt problems. You aren't fully out of the woods until you have done what you can to fix your credit so you can get back to the kind of life you wanted in the first place.

     It is possible, and you need to do it if you want to stop paying for the same old debts. A bad credit report hurts you in so many ways - it increases your rent while lowering the chances you'll live where you want to. It increases your insurance rates. It makes getting a credit card difficult or impossible and increases the fees you'll have to pay on it if you get one. And without one, forget about renting a car or tending to some other basic needs.

     In our society, a good credit report is an important part of having the life you want. You can fix yours, and we can help. Click here for more information on credit repair.

     It is even possible to use the Fair Credit Reporting Act as part of your debt defense if you're being threatened or sued. We talk about that in the Debt Defense System.




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Debt Consolidation: Two Hidden "Legal" Risks

Debt consolidation is combining outstanding loans (debt) into a single package (consolidation). The debts therefore become one “new” loan. Occasionally people ask me whether debt consolidation is a good, economically constructive solution to credit card problems.

Debt consolidation is often a very bad idea, although it sometimes has its advantages.  This article discusses two of the most important reasons not to consolidate your debt: legal risk and flexibility. Click here for the rest of this article. 

What You Need to Know about Debt Settlement


Most debt reduction plans play a sort of “chicken” with your creditors. The way they work is that, when your situation becomes really dire, you stop paying as many bills as you can and start saving a pot of money that you will eventually use to pay all of them off. When you have saved enough, and when your creditors have become desperate enough, you negotiate to make them go away.

It sounds like a plan that might work – and it often does. Click here to find out more, and about a plan that actually might help you.

Here are just a few of the debt collection topics we've addressed:


Can there be a downside to giving debt collectors money?

Debt collectors are trained to be intimidating and aggressive. Should you ever give them money? And what are the legal effects if you do so? Giving them money can be a big mistake. Watch this free video and see why.

You don't need to be intimidated. For help defending yourself, we recommend The Debt Defense System. If you want to negotiate before they file a suit, we can help, too. Just use our Debt Negotiation and Settlement System

Should I trust what the debt collectors tell me?

Have you been tricked into skipping your court date? or are they telling you you don't need to be there? It might be a trick. Debt collectors make the huge majority of their money -- almost all of it -- off of people who give up and do not defend themselves. They know it and do everything they can to make people default -- and sometimes they use extremely questionable tactics. This free video tells you how to recognize tricks and how to respond.

Does the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protect me from debt collector's threats? Can they threaten to garnish my wages?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) makes many forms of threats illegal for debt collectors to make. Some of these are obvious, and some are a little more subtle. This free article clarifies some parts of the Fair Debt Collection Act's definition of threatening and unfair debt collection practices. The laws on debt collection can be difficult to understand, and we strive to make them more accessible to everyone.

 If You're Being Sued For Debt, Consider All Of Your Options Before Deciding On Bankruptcy

When people are being sued for debts, they often panic and look for the quickest, easiest, or least scary way out. And bankruptcy often occurs to them as the solution. I believe there are often much more effective ways to handle old debt, especially credit card or merchant account debt that has been sold to a debt collector, than bankruptcy. Panic is not necessary, and bankruptcy—at least at first--is seldom the best solution in a real-world sense. Read this article.

Need to prepare for Trial? If so, check out our new, members-only videos for Trial Preparation!


Go right to the help you need!      If you are already being suedclick here.

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