Change Your Mind about the Case Evaluation?


I hope that isn't because you decided you didn't really have a chance to win. If you're being sued by a debt collector, not only do you have a chance, but almost everybody who is sued by a debt collector could and should win. All you have to do is a few right things and avoid doing the really wrong ones.

Talking to the debt collectors - at least if you're admitting things - is often the wrong thing to do, one of the biggest. Here's a video that should help you consider when you might want to talk to a debt collector. Should I Talk to a Debt Collector? What Should I Say?

Maybe you just decided you'd rather figure it out for yourself? You can certainly do that, and we'd like to suggest an ecourse we created to help you do just that. It's called "How Do I Answer the Petition in a Debt Law Case."

It tells you more than just how to answer, though - it helps you figure out whether an answer is right, or whether you might be better off filing a motion to dismiss, and it gives you insight into general denials, affirmative defenses, and counterclaims. The videos only take a little more than an hour to watch, but they give you a lasting education on how to start defending yourself.

Click here for more about our ecourse, or you can purchase from here.

How to Answer a Debt Law Petition 

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