Change Your Mind about the ECourse?


Did you decide not to get our ecourse? I hope that isn't because you decided you didn't really have a chance to win. If you're being sued by a debt collector, not only do you have a chance, but almost everybody who is sued by a debt collector could and should win. All you have to do is a few right things and avoid doing the really wrong ones.

Talking to the debt collectors - at least if you're admitting things - is often the wrong thing to do, one of the biggest wrong thing there is (second only to giving them money without realizing that this could seriously hurt you in the future). Here's a video you should consider when you might want to talk to a debt collector. Should I Talk to a Debt Collector? What Should I Say?

We think the ecourse on answering the petition should help you answer any questions about where you stand for yourself. But if you'd rather we do that for you, we can do that through our Case Evaluation product. Basically what that is is just what you'd think - we look at the case and some of the things about where you are, how you were served, and so on, and give you a personalized road map of what you should at least consider doing.

For more, here's the link: Case Evaluation.

 Choose your speed, standard or RUSH ($10 extra for return of evaluation within 24 hours of your completed information).

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