Do Your Materials Work for Original Creditors?


Yes. When I represented clients in these cases, there used to be a distinct difference between original creditors and junk debt buyers. We've written a lot about the differences between original creditors and debt buyers, but these differences are less important now than they used to be. Many original creditors do not have what they need to beat you, and even if they do it is to your advantage to challenge them at every step along the way. Debt buyers almost never have what they need to beat you. It is often impossible without defending yourself to know whether you've got an original creditor or debt buyer.


Bulk Lawsuits by Big Debt Collectors

Debt litigation in America mostly consists of large debt collectors filing thousands, and perhaps hundreds of thousands, of lawsuits per year. These cases are usually sloppy and generic, and we discovered that debt collectors literally almost never had what they needed to win their suits. And a lot of times they were suing the wrong people for the wrong debts. Yet they were winning most of their cases. We wanted to put a stop to that. 

Default and Give-Up Settlements

The vast majority of debt collection suits end in default judgments. That means that the person sued never defended him or herself, and the debt collector got a judgment. We estimated that as much as 80 - 90% of debt cases end in this way. That paves the way for the debt collector to seize bank accounts, garnish wages, and conduct other collection activities. In many of the cases that are NOT defaulted, the defendants were signing "give-up" settlements, which basically agreed to everything the debt collector wanted. These people agreed to make payments, but in most cases they weren't able to keep them up - and were garnished eventually anyway.

Most of the times defendants hired a lawyer, the debt collectors would just dismiss the suit and go sue someone else. That's because they almost never have what they need to win if you fight.

Why People Default or Give up in Debt Cases

People seem to default or give up in debt cases for just a few reasons. Either they:

  • Think there is nothing they can do,
  • Believe they don't have a chance no matter what, or
  • Simply don't hear about the cases in time to defend.
  • Or, of course, because they can't afford a lawyer.

We formed Your Legal Leg Up to let people know that they DO have a chance to win and to provide them the tools they need to win - without a lawyer.

We started with a manual - the Debt Litigation Manual - and a few products designed to help with specific areas of litigation. A few years later we moved to a membership basis because people often need more help than words on the page can give them.

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