Overview of Your Legal Leg Up Products

Our primary product at YourLegalLegUp is the Debt Defense System. This provides you everything you need to defend yourself from the debt collectors and, in conjuction with membership, gives you most of the other litigation products for free. 

The debt process can be divided into three main stages: pre-litigation, litigation, and post-litigation. Of course it would be possible and actually very likely, for a single person to have debts in more than one of these stages at a time. People frequently must deal with a lawsuit while they are also being harassed by other creditors - and also have damage to their credit reports. Thus most people will need the whole DebtMaster Series.


The Debt Negotiation Manual is designed to help you settle your debts without litigation. We all know that would be best if possible - and if the creditors and debt collectors would agree to stop damaging your credit. That's what this product is designed to help you accomplish. It comes with the Control Your Debt, Control Your Life product (included free). The Debt Negotiation System goes painstakingly through the investigation and planning you need to do to negotiate successfully. It includes a summary of the rules by which debt collectors must live by under the FDCPA, includes licensing and registration requirements for collection agencies by state, form negotiation letters and form agreements, and has many other informational resources. The Control Your Debt Control Your Life product includes sample letters to seek verification of the debt and a form you can use to make the debt collectors stop calling you if you want them to.

Also included with the Debt Negotiation Manual is a special discount off the price of the prepaid legal services program that we have negotiated for on behalf of our members. One common strategy for debt settlement negotiations is to stop paying the debt collectors or creditors anything, and this sometimes causes them to sue you. If it does, you'll have a lawyer for free as long as you're covered. 

Litigation or Near Litigation

If you are being sued, you need the Debt Defense System. That's a service that provides you with basically everything you will need to understand the debt litigation process from beginning to end. Gives you all the materials you will need to get the case dismissed if possible, to force them to give you materials you need in discovery if they won't just give them (and they really never do). It gives you what you need to beat a motion for summary judgment if they file one and how to speak  up in trial if it goes there. All that may be "Greek to you" right now - but we put it into plain English. And if that's not enough, we have regular teleconferences through the membership which will make sure you do the things you need to do.

This is a collection of materials that are not available anywhere else - - we wrote every word specifically for people like you, who are being sued by debt collectors. Based on a lot of experience and research too.

The Litigation Forms Book is a set of forms that comes with the Defense System you can modify to use as your situation calls for them. Most of the forms were written for use in real cases, so they're “battle-tested” and ready to go, although you will have to modify them to fit your case. As similar as debt lawsuits are to each other, they do vary, and you will need to change the forms somewhat.


After you stop the bleeding - or really, while you are beginning to get your situation under control, - you will need to take actions to protect and rebuild your credit report. The Credit Repair Manual gives you all the information you will need to understand and use the tools available to you to start fixing your credit. You must do this if you ever want to get back to a normal life.

Specific Litigation Issues

If you are having specific litigation issues and prefer an a la carte approach, you can get one of our motions packs for the specific motions you are using or facing: motion to vacate, motion to dismiss, motion to compel discovery, or motion for summary judgment

If you are from California or Pennsylvania, you will want to consider our state-specific products: the California Bill of Particulars Pack or the Pennsylvania Silver Bullet Pack


Our Products


The Debt Master Series Collection is a series of products designed to take you through the whole "debt-problem cycle.Click here to go to the products page to buy this product. You get our best products for one special price - using them together will get you better results than using any one of them.

When bills begin to add up and start to go unpaid, you will face the hostility of creditors and the threat of litigation. The Debt Negotiation Manual is designed to help with that. It provides you with tools, techniques and tricks to get the attention of the other side in order to get them to negotiate with you. Then you need to use all the power in your situation to get the best possible deal, and then you need to nail it down with agreements that make sure you have accomplished your goals. The Debt Negotiation Manual does all this. Click here for more details on the Debt Negotiation Manual.   

If you are sued, you will need something with a more specifically legal focus. Our flagship product, the Debt Defense System is designed to give you everything you need to defend yourself  from the creditors or debt collectors in a lawsuit. This includes forms and samples of documents you might need, a thorough explanation of every step of the litigation process, and materials that will allow you to tend to every part of the litigation process with as little anxiety and as much effectiveness and power as possible. Click here for more details on the Debt Defense System. We also have several products designed for specific parts of litigation, and our members are encouraged to call in with their questions on regular teleconferences or even purchase "time" where we prepare special guides developed more on your specific situation.

And finally, you will want to repair the damage done to your credit. That is what the Credit Repair Manual is for. With this book you get a full explanation of the way the credit reporting business works and what you can do to use the tools at your disposal to accomplish your goals of eliminating or neutralizing bad information on your report and building up good information that will make it possible to restore your credit score and reputation. You will be able to use them on both the credit reporting agencies and the information "furnishers" - the creditors and debt collectors who are reporting you. Click here for more information on this part of the product,

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