I'm Being Sued for Debt


If you are being sued already, you are facing the big question of whether or not you can afford a lawyer, and if you can, whether the lawyer will be any good for you. If you have been sued and have not answered the suit already, then the prepaid legal plan does have an option, although it is more expensive than other options.

This option will cost you a one-time “flat rate fee” of $650 to hire a lawyer from the network of lawyers. In my opinion, this is a relatively inexpensive rate for a lawyer in this area of the law, as people are often reporting to me that the lawyers they are talking to want between $1,500 and $2,500 just to get started.

More importantly, in my opinion, you would be hiring a lawyer from a network of lawyers who handle a lot of these cases and are familiar with the debt law. It can be very difficult to find a lawyer experienced in the debt law, so this in itself is a significant benefit, and I do doubt that you'll find a lower rate outside of the network.

For a fairly low monthly rate in addition, you can also get protection from getting sued by any other debt collector on any other account. So you pay once for the legal coverage of the suit in progress, and you pay monthly for a sort of insurance against getting sued by anybody else. With this plan, for a manageable and predictable amount of money per month, you can get:

  • back up legal information and guidance,
  • a system that helps direct phone messages away from your home and
  • to a place where you can easily record the messages for FDCPA purposes; and
  • legal representation at no cost if you get sued.

This is part of a collection of articles and videos addressing the issue of getting a lawyer, and particularly getting a prepaid legal service. If you'd like more information on this, please sign up below.

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