Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed to answer some questions you might have about how the products work and why we do certain things regarding them. Click here for an overview of the products. There are currently two “core” products at YourLegalLegUp, the Debt Negotiation System, and the Debt Defense System. We will soon have a third - a credit repair product to help you negotiate and fix past damage to your credit.  And there are other products for special situations depending on where you are in the process. Here are some questions that have come up somewhat frequently. 

Why is Membership Required with the System products? And Is It?

Yes, membership is required to buy the System products. This is because it is impossible to design a single product or set of products that tells everyone - or even anyone, maybe - everything they need to know about almost any part of the debt process. After you buy the products, you will have questions as you read - and the membership is designed to give you a regular place to ask those questions. You will also have issues and potential issues that you haven't even recognized, and the teleconferences are designed to let you hear and discuss those issues in a way that will be most helpful to you.  And finally, there are parts of litigation that sometimes come up but don't always. We have motions packages for those if you just want to get them, but the material is also available through membership.

Are the Systems Required with the Membership? Why?

Yes, the Systems are required with the membership - or, at least one system is. That is because the systems are designed to give you an overview of the situation the particular system addresses, and this puts the membership materials into context for you. It is better to get a more systematic view of things rather than just a bunch of answers to a bunch of questions.

It is also true that the pricing of the materials is balanced between membership and the systems, and the membership is just the vehicle for getting you many of the products. To keep the monthly price down we need you to get the system.

Why Aren't there More Specific Forms for Answers and Counterclaims?

We have to give you forms that are Samples and Examples because the laws in different states are different from each other, and because the debt collectors bring different kinds of lawsuits based on those states and specific lawyer strategies. It would be impossible to give you all the variations on the possibilities. 

It would also be wrong. We cannot give you legal advice, and giving you specific forms would encourage you to substitute our wording and theories for your own - and that might convert our forms to something you considered legal advice. 

And finally, our whole purpose on this site it to make it possible for you to defend yourself. The first place that comes up of course is your first response, but the answer or (even) a motion to dismiss is pretty easy. It is an opportunity to begin learning the things that will make it possible to defend yourself later if and when that becomes tougher to do. Defending yourself is a learning process, and taking the easy way out early can make the later stages more overwhelming. It is better to divide the learning up in more manageable steps.


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