Thanks for Signing up for a Free ECourse and Report: Developing Uncommon, Common Sense In Debt Self Defense


Thank you for signing up for our free ecourse. It is going to help you develop that sense of comfort with the legal process, along with an ability to do the things that help rather than hurt you in your defense.

If you are being sued, or threatened with suit, and not very familiar with debt litigation, you should sign up for our free ecourse and informational series: Developing Uncommon Common Sense in Debt Self-Defense.

There are some basic things you need to know at the beginning of the case and to keep in mind all the way through as a way to sort of "ground" yourself in litigation "common sense." This ecourse is going to help you understand how to approach your case so that you do the right things.

The course will be helpful for you if you are

  • Being sued;
  • Think you may be sued
  • Want to sue the Debt Collectors;
  • Want to understand the debt litigation process for some other reason.

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