If the Bills Are Piling Up

What to do if the collectors are harassing you now - or you think they will

If your bills are adding up and you aren't able to keep them under control, or if you think the debt collectors have you in their sights for possibly suing you, you need to start taking action to protect yourself now. The most important thing to remember is that things usually change - you should keep trying to improve things, and eventually they will likely get better. In the meanwhile, remember that debt is real. When bills start adding up, they can start feeling unreal, and people tend to get careless about the fees and charges their credit cards and others are adding to the tally because it seems you will never pay them. Remember, though, that you will eventually pay every bill one way or the other. Watch them and don't let them overcharge you. Don't let them get a judgment against you just because you don't think they won't be able to collect the money. Keep things under control and remember that keeping the bills down will eventually make it possible for you to regain a better lifestyle.

You may want to consider getting a legal plan that allows you to have a debt defense lawyer when and if you need one, and this could be part of a debt reduction program. I have finally found a plan that looks like it will help my customers obtain the representation they need and still control their costs. For information on that, go to this link: Getting a Lawyer.

You will also want to take steps to control your costs and learn how to handle the debt collection process. This link will take you to a video series that will help you understand the debt collection process in general. 


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