Guide to Credit Resources: Articles and Videos

Here is a list of materials arranged by category and topic. This list will be updated often, so please check back if you do not see any resource that answers one of your questions. Also, please note that many of the resources could be included under different categories, so if you don't see what you're looking for under one category, keep looking, or try a "site search" by topic to look for specific issues. There is, of course, a lot of overlap between Credit and Debt law and the categories within them.

Links to Topic Listings:

Credit Repair

Credit Reporting Act


Credit Repair

Repairing Your Credit after Litigation

You probably know that I am a big believer in filing a counterclaim. As I mention in the featured question section this month, having a counterclaim gives you some very important control over the lawsuit itself and whether you get sued or harassed again by the same, or a different debt collector.

There is also another reason relating to your life after litigation: Repairing your credit after the lawsuit.

Credit Reporting Act (also called the "Fair Credit Reporting Act)

Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

You've heard about having rights to a fair credit report. Here, in plain English, is a list and explanation of your most important rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Download a copy of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


Bankruptcy as a Solution to Debt Troubles

If you have debt troubles, can bankruptcy help? It seems like it should be able to, but in fact there are big limitations. This video discusses some of the pros and cons of bankruptcy.

Is Bankruptcy an Option for You?

When people are being sued for debts, they often panic and look for the quickest, easiest, or least scary way out. And bankruptcy often occurs to them as the solution. I believe there are often much more effective ways to handle old debt, especially credit card or merchant account debt that has been sold to a debt collector, than bankruptcy. Panic is not necessary, and bankruptcy—at least at first--is seldom the best solution in a real-world sense. Here's why.

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