About Your Legal Leg Up


Since 2007, Your Legal Leg Up has been the best source of help for people defending themselves from debt collectors. Our materials are all created and maintained by an expert in the field who practiced law for almost fifteen years - the last five in the area of consumer and debt litigation.

  • Our prices are manageable for people on tight budgets.
  • With membership you get access to real-time question and answer sessions and coaching in language normal people can understand.
  • And with membership you get access to a library of member-only documents, articles and videos that will do much of the work of defending for you.
  • You also get special reports that provide in-depth, understandable, analysis of current issues.

The field of debt law is governed by certain basic economics that never really change, but the ways the laws work and the way the courts understand them do change. We stay on top of those changes and offer insight that will help you win your case.

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Your Legal Leg Up was founded in 2007 by Ken Gibert, who at the time was a lawyer representing numerous people being sued by debt collectors.

Debt collection law is relatively simple

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