In our last letter and video we talked about a prepaid legal program, and I am going to tell you a little bit about the program now. Because time is often in short supply if you are being harassed or sued by debt collectors, I am going to give you a faster way to get the specific information you need or want at the end of this letter.

In my last email I discussed two possibilities: you have debt problems and have not been sued yet, and you have debt problems and you have been sued. Today I want to break those down into further categories. If you choose your category and click on the appropriate link, you will be sent more information along the specific lines that you need.

If you have debts that you are not paying either because you simply cannot or because you are trying to obtain debt relief, and you have not yet been sued, then we have a prepaid legal program that will, in my opinion, provide you an excellent value. Click here for more information on this plan and why I recommend it. I’ve got creditors: I have Debt.

If you have been sued but have not answered, the prepaid legal program may still be a good option for you. For a discussion of this question, click here. I’m being sued.

If you have been sued and you have answered, we may still have an option for you, and it may still be a good one. For more information click here: I have answered.