Dealing with Debt Collectors, Debt Collection, and Debt Litigation

 – When Debt Collectors Are After Your Money


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Are you in debt? being called or harassed by debt collectors?

When you have debts you can be afraid to answer your own phone because it seems like there’s always some obnoxious debt collector on the other end of the line. 

What Should You Do?

If so, there are some basic questions you need answered: should you talk to them, and if so, what do you say? Should you ever give them money, and what would be the legal effect of doing so? But these are just some of the FIRST questions you may need answered – – there will be many more. 

If Debt Collectors are After You

This report explains the debt collection process to people who are having trouble making their credit card payments or other bills or who are being harassed or sued by debt collectors. This in turn helps them think strategically about their own best interests when confronted by the debt collectors as opposed to merely reacting defensively and responding in self-defeating ways.

A Lot of How You’ve Been Taught to Deal with Problems is Wrong

Debt Collectors use a combination of frequent, threatening, often abusive telephone calls and letters designed to cause consumers who owe money to feel guilty about their financial hardship. This in turn can cause consumers to sacrifice their own long-term interests just to get the debt collectors off their back and to go away. Ironically, many of the things that might first occur to you – like talking to the debt collectors, offering them payments or reasonable explanations… accepting responsibility (whether you know for sure whether all the debt is right or not) or other things like this may do much more harm than good. This report is designed to change that–to remind you of your interests and to show you concrete actions that can improve your situation.

Many Feel too Guilty to Defend Themselves

Many Americans in debt feel guilty about their financial situations, don’t understand their legal rights, and trust the debt collectors who are calling them to be telling the truth, to have the numbers right, and not to be overcharging or scamming them. Unfortunately, debt collectors are not always ethical or trustworthy. In fact, we all know they’re famous for deceit and harassment, but people can forget about that in the moment, allowing the debt collectors to take advantage.

Consumers have rights, and you should know yours. This report can help you minimize the chance of being sued for debt and improve chances of succeeding if sued.

Buy for $14.95