Discovery – Key to Victory in Debt Law E-Course


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This is a course on creating discovery to give the debt collectors in litigation, and also how to answer discovery in debt litigation. It comes with some sample sets of discovery and answers from both sides of a debt lawsuit.

Below you will find a list of videos and documents that make up the class. After working your way through these materials, and this course is approximately two hours long, you should be able to create discovery requests appropriate to your case – and should know what to expect from the other side. You will need to do some thinking about which materials to use, and you may need to do some research to hone the discovery to your own issues, but this should help you create the discovery materials you need to beat the debt collector.

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Videos in course

Introduction to Course

Lesson One – What Discovery Is and What it Will Do for You – how discovery helps you find out the things you need and begins to weaken the debt collector’s case.

Lesson Two – Basic Forms of Discovery – in this video we go through the different types of discovery and consider how to use them in your defense.

Lesson Three – Interrogatories – a closer look at interrogatories, how they work and what to do with them in debt defense.

Lesson Four – Requests for Production – a closer look at requests for production, how they work and what to do with them in debt defense

Lesson Five – Requests for Admissions – a closer look at requests for admissions, how they work and what to do with them in debt defense.

Lesson Six – Depositions – what they are, and what their advantages are in debt defense.

Lesson Seven – General Rules of Discovery. This video goes into the rules which apply to all discovery – what you can ask for, how to object if you think you shouldn’t give them what they want, and what to do if they object or fail to answer.

Lesson Eight – in two parts – Compelling Answers to Discovery. These videos describe the process you go through when the debt collector objects to your discovery – and they usually object to almost all of anybody’s discovery.

Lesson Eight, Part One

Lesson Eight, Part Two

Lesson Nine – Why Do Discovery. Discovery can be frustrating. This video discusses why you still need to do it, and why even the fact that they object to almost everything is a vital part of your strategy for winning as a pro se debt defendant.

Lesson Ten – The Need for Speed. Why you need to get your discovery underway as quickly as possible and why you need to keep pushing it until you have all the answers you need.

Documents for Download

Sample Interrogatories (Defendant Side)

Sample Requests for Documents (Defendant Side)

Sample Requests for Admissions (Defendant Side)

What Their Responses Will Look LIke

Sample Discovery from the debt collector side – with possible objections

Buy this Course for $27  or Join Your Legal Leg Up and get it for free.