Why is this Website so Messy

If you’ve visited our old version of this website, you may have been impressed by how out of date and unhelpful it was. We were, daily, and yet many people managed to use it to win their cases. What if the website were much more modern and helpful? Would it attract more visitors and cause more people to join? We thought so, so we decided to build a new page.

That didn’t stop new problems from coming up, of course, and we didn’t want to spend any more time on fixing the old site than absolutely necessary. It just seemed better to make the change and deal with whatever came up. At least it would be working on the site that was coming rather than going. So that’s what we did – we stopped trying to address problems on the old site and, instead, will address them on the new site.

Starting a website is never easy, especially when you have over a thousand pages in it, products, memberships, reports, and all the rest. Changing formats was a mammoth job, so here it is. For a little while you will see mainly text and not so many images. And the bottom line of what we do is that it’s pretty information-intensive. You’re going to have to read, but soon it should be a little easier.

We expect significant progress every day, but we’ll take down this question and answer by the first of October. We should be fully ready to go then.

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